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Welcome to The Home of Bigfoot!

Congratulations! You have found BIGFOOT, an accomplishment that is a billion times more difficult than finding Waldo or Carmen Sandiego. Now your family can enjoy some downtime on your vacation or just some quality time together as you custom paint your very own Sasquatch and make memories while you share fun stories from past vacations or family time together. There is no right way to paint your Bigfoot, just have fun, be creative and enjoy the memories you will make while your family gets those creative juices flowing.

Our BIGFOOT Origin Story

The Colorado High Country is home to thousands of animal species. It could also be the perfect home to the elusive creature know as Bigfoot. Being natives of Colorado, we travel to the mountains on a regular basis. During one of our trips up to Breckenridge we made a pit-stop just outside of Idaho Springs to grab snacks and some cards and a few other small games to play at the condo we rent for the weekend at the ski resort.  We like to make sure we have some fun things to do after we are done hitting the slopes. We also have kids that tend to get bored just sitting in the condo and staring at a cellphone screen. so we look for fun things for the family to do while we recuperate from a long day of snowboarding or skiing. While we were grabbing snacks and a few games at the store/souvenir shop, I mentioned to the owner that a fun Bigfoot figurine would be a cool thing to have for families to paint together  while enjoying some downtime after hitting the slopes. He said if I could come up with something he would offer it for sale at his store and so the idea was born and now you can have your very own customizable Bigfoot Figurine to paint and customize with your whole family.


This particular BIGFOOT was sculpted by Colorado Native and Artists Cheryl Detwiler Mihalka. Her art can be found all over Colorado, New Mexico and Idaho. From Hotels, the Denver International Airport to private personal collections, Cheryl has been creating works of art professionally for more than 50 years. As a native to Colorado, Cheryl has always been fascinated and inspired by nature, her love for wildlife and the majesty of the Colorado Rockies have always given her plenty of subject matter for her paintings and sculptures. Needless to say, she has spent a lot of time in nature and enjoying the natural beauty around her and it might be possible that her inspiration for this Sasquatch is derived from a personal encounter with this legendary beast. However, just like in the movie “Stand By Me” she may or may not have decided to keep that encounter to her self just as the Character Gordie Lachance (Actor Wil Wheaton) decided to hold the memory of the deer he encountered in the woods to himself. Wherever she got her inspiration, we can say that this BIGFOOT is one of a kind and this sculpture might just be the most accurate representation of this elusive creature! – The world may never know…


We not only create the Bigfoot figurine at our offices, we also package and ship this product. This item is made entirely in the USA by our family. Each Bigfoot is cast by hand and assembled before placing in our hand made and assembled box and shipped directly to you, the consumer.